The 365 Songs Challenge

2015 albumartWelcome to the 365 Songs Challenge. I’ve been playing the piano since the age of 5 and it has always been one of my favourite ways to relax. Back on 31st December 2009 I felt I was losing my technique and I wanted to do something about it. I’d just bought a new stage piano, a Roland RD-700GX, and I decided that I would record a song every day of the year and publish it on my blog. I achieved this, and I felt that my piano playing had improved. Five years later and I decided to try and complete this challenge again. I completed this challenge, adding 365 songs to my collection over the course of 2015. To hear the my songs for 2015, click here.

The original website where I uploaded my songs in 2010 is unfortunately no longer available, so I’ve decided in 2017 I’ll repost the original 2010 songs here on, and they’ll all eventually be available here in the one place. I hope you enjoy listening to my music!

I’d like to state that the rights to all of these pieces of music remain with the original composers and I’m making no financial gain from posting my recordings of the songs on my site.

  • Marilyn Ganda

    Hey Mark, I just listened to Coffee Break French’s season 4 episode 28 a couple of days ago and found out about your new year’s resolution. Since then I haven’t been able to stop listening to all your piano recordings. You’re a really versatile pianist! I was wondering if you did all the arrangements yourself, especially for some of the songs that are not originally a piano piece?

    • Mark Pentleton

      Hi Marilyn. For some reason I’ve just seen this comment, so apologies for the slow reply. Yes, I do most of the arrangements myself, and they tend to be improvised. Sometimes I play based on sheet music I’ve found for the piece, but most of the time they’re my interpretation of things. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the music. Let me know if you have any requests which would fit the style of music I’ve been playing!