Hasta Mañana

Today’s song is Abba’s Hasta Mañana. This song was almost chosen as their 1974 Eurovision entry in favour of Waterloo as it was thought that Waterloo may be too risky and Hasta Mañana represented more the style of Eurovision. Waterloo won out in the end and the rest was history! This seems like a simple song, but I think the chord pattern is pretty sophisticated. It’s definitely not a three-chord song! In my E major version the chorus goes like this: E – G#m – C#m – C#7 – F#m B – F# – B – E – G#m – C#7 – F#m – A – Am – E – C#7 – F#m – B – E. So if you want to strum along you’ll be fine. At least until the modulation but that’s what capos are for!

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