Hooked on a feeling

The idea for today’s song came when my sons were watching Guardians of the Galaxy and I remembered this song from Ally McBeal days. Hooked on a Feeling was recorded by various artists, but the most well-known version was the Blue Swede release in 1974 which included the “hooga chaka” introduction first recorded by Jonathan King.

The bass line of the verses of the Blue Swede version reminds me very much of Abba’s Nina Pretty Ballerina bass line. Have a listen: here’s Nina Pretty Ballerina and verse 2 of Hooked on a Feeling (from “lips as sweet as candy…”). There must have been something in the water in Sweden in the 70s…

Blue Swede lead singer Björn Skifs is a bit of a Swedish legend and Hooked on a Feeling has huge appeal. Here is his 2014 performance at the wonderful summer open air concerts in Stockholm’s Skansen.

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