Canto de Entrada (Misa Campesina)

A couple of weeks ago I played the Canto de Meditación from the Misa Campesina Nicaragüense, and I’m returning to this Nicaraguan folk mass today to play the Canto de Entrada, the entrance song. This song came to mind in particular this week when we were recording an episode of Coffee Break Spanish and talking about the use of the pronoun vos which is used in some parts of Latin America (including Nicaragua) instead of . Vos has its own conjugation, and this varies from country to country, but the one irregular verb in the vos form is vos sos  – “you are” – from the verb ser, which in standard Spanish would be tú eres. The song begins, vos sos el Dios de los pobres – “you are the God of the poor”. It goes on:

el Dios humano y sencillo
the human and simple God;
el Dios que suda en la calle
     the God who sweats in the street;
el Dios de rostro curtido
     the God of the weathered face.
Por eso es que te hablo yo
     that’s why I talk to you
así como habla mi pueblo
     just as how my village speaks;
porque sos el Dios obrero
     because you are the worker God,
el Cristo trabajador
     the hard working Christ.

I hope you enjoy this piece from the Misa Campesina. If you’re looking for an original performance from the Hermanos Mejía Godoy, here’s a version from a concert in Managua in 2010.