Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien

Today marks 7 years since I left my post in the education department of East Ayrshire Council to run Radio Lingua full time. I had been working evenings and weekends and then gradually went down to working 2.5 days at East Ayrshire and 2.5 days (or 4.5 days!!!) for Radio Lingua, but on 18th July 2008 I handed in my resignation and I haven’t looked back since! Don’t get me wrong: I loved working with colleagues from East Ayrshire and the other authorities involved in the Partners in Excellence project, but being my own boss and gradually building the business and the team has been a wonderful experience and here’s hoping for many more years!

The song I’ve chosen for today is Edith Piaf’s classic Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien (literally, “no, I don’t regret anything” or “I have no regrets”). In addition to being one of the most famous French songs ever recorded, this song was also used extensively in the brilliant 2010 film Inception. The theme is based on a slowed-down version of the song, and the running time of the film, 2 hours 28 minutes (of mind-bending confusion!) makes reference to the length of the song when it was originally recorded at 2 minutes 28 seconds!

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