Me And I

Today’s song, Me and I, is from the 1980 ABBA album Super Trouper. It tells the story of someone with a split personality, including the line “I am to myself what Jekyll must have been to Hyde”. According to ABBA biographer Carl Magnus Palm, the song’s “split personality theme combined with Frida’s forceful delivery put a welcome darker spin on ABBA‘s largely bright and wholesome universe”. I find the song interesting because of the way it moves between A, E and B, and there’s a great modulation bringing it into F# major. It’s one of the rare songs which is written with clear C# major chords, and probably one of only a handful which features E# notes!

I’ve pianoified Me And I a bit and made it a bit more of a ballad. I hope you enjoy it. If it’s your first time on the site, find out more about the 365 Songs project or see all of my October songs here. If you’re looking for more ABBA songs, have a listen to my Tribute to ABBA album or check out this year’s ABBA songs from my archives.