Ohne Dich (schlaf’ ich heut’ Nacht nicht ein)

It’s my last day in Germany today, so here’s another German tune. I’m not sure how well known this song will be among those of you who tune in regularly. It’s by the German band Münchener Freiheit, and featured on their debut album Von Anfang an back in 1986. The title means something like “without you I won’t sleep tonight”. Münchener Freiheit (or “Freiheit” as they were known in the English-speaking world) are probably most well known in the UK and US for their song Keeping the Dream Alive which now features on most Christmas compilation albums.

Today’s random story: I first heard this song playing in Athena in Ayr back in the late 1980s. Since this was long before Shazam, I asked the shop assistant what it was. It turned out he was Swedish and kindly made me a mixtape of German and Swedish pop music for me which I picked up the next time I went back to the shop!

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