Against All Odds

Song 12:365 is my version of Phil Collins’ Against All Odds, recorded for the soundtrack of the 1984 film of the same name. I remember learning to play this as a 12 year old when it was released and it being one of the first songs I played in D flat major, and therefore “lots of black notes”. As a result of the black notes I think it felt a bit ‘oriental’ and that probably explains the slight pentatonic hints in my performance!

This song is also dedicated to drummers everywhere – there are no drums in my performance, but they’re definitely missing after that first chorus!

1980s feature heavily in my collection so if you’d some more 80s classics, click here. If it’s your first time here, find out more about why I’m posting a song every day here.

I actually recorded this song again for 2017 as I felt the original 2010 version wasn’t quite right. Here’s the original if you want to have a listen, but I hope you enjoy the new version.