Every Breath You Take

I’ve never been quite sure about the 1983 Police song Every Breath You Take. Lyrically it’s a bit weird – it’s basically a song about stalking, and in an interview on American radio Sting himself said, “One couple told me ‘Oh we love that song; it was the main song played at our wedding!’ I thought, ‘Well, good luck.'” It is, however, one of Sting’s most successful songs: it was named as one of Top 100 Songs of the Century in 1999 by BMI and 20 years after its release in 2003, Sting was still making $2000 a day in royalties! Musically it’s interesting too: it’s apparently one of the few modern pop songs in classical rondo form, or at least a variation thereof – AABACABA. Anyway I hope you enjoy my performance of the song!

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